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NEW: Summer Classes: All-Ages information hereNEW: Varsity Level information here

Tennis Courts in Orlando, Florida: A Guide to Elite Playing Venues

Welcome to another post on the ETA blog! This week, we are exploring tennis courts in Orlando. And Of course, explaining how ETA stands out.

Orlando, Florida, known for its sun-soaked days and vibrant lifestyle, is also a paradise for tennis lovers. From private academies to public parks, the city offers a variety of playing arenas. Among the array of options, the Elite Tennis Academy on The First Academy campus shines as an unparalleled venue for tennis aficionados.

Elite Tennis Academy on The First Academy Campus

Nestled within The First Academy campus, the Elite Tennis Academy is a gem in Orlando's tennis scene:

  1. World-Class Coaches: The academy boasts a roster of expert coaches, providing tailor-made training sessions.
  2. Top-notch Facilities: Its courts, maintained to international standards, offer players a professional environment.
  3. Varied Programs: Designed for all, from beginners to advanced players, the academy's programs cater to every age and skill level.
  4. Community Touch: Beyond training, the academy emphasizes community, organizing local tournaments and social events.

Public Parks: The Heart of Orlando's Tennis Community

Public parks in Orlando are a testament to the city's love for tennis. Offering quality courts either for free or at a minimal fee, they're a favorite among residents. Here are the top 5 public parks with tennis courts:

  1. Lake Cane Tennis Center: Known for its pristine courts and community-driven approach.
  2. Fort Gatlin Tennis Center: Popular for its friendly atmosphere and well-maintained courts.
  3. Orlando Tennis Centre: Located downtown, it's a hub for both casual players and local tournaments.
  4. Blue Jacket Park: With multiple courts, it's an excellent spot for weekend matches.
  5. Barber Park: A serene location combined with quality courts, making it a local favorite.

Other Tennis Havens in Orlando

  • Resort and Hotel Courts: Many of Orlando's upscale resorts offer top-class tennis facilities, allowing guests to enjoy a game amid luxury.

  • Private Clubs: For those seeking an exclusive tennis experience, clubs like the Orlando Tennis Club offer premium amenities and services.

The end

From the illustrious Elite Tennis Academy on The First Academy campus to the heartwarming community parks, Orlando's tennis landscape caters to every player. Whether you're training for competitive levels or just seeking a casual game on a sunny day, Orlando's courts await. Dive into the city's tennis world and discover the perfect court that matches your rhythm!